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One Hour Special $1600

Two Hour Intro  $2000

Four Hours $4000

Six Hour  Dinner Engagement...........$6000

The Evening  .....................................$12,000

24 Hours        Just Enquire.................


Please note all new Members are met with screening,this is not negotiable, and is to ensure your safety, and our Courtesans.


When making a Reservation, please call at least 3 to 5 hours in advance to make a Reservation. Please ensure you have a safe place for our Models to visit you, our Courtesans, do not allow Members to go for In-calls.


All Bookings Require a 35% advance Booking Fee, which is NON-Refundable, unless you have a cancellation, of up to 5 working days, sorry but our Courtesans do not have the time to run around for Members that a too undecided.

We do not tolerate Members that make a habit of Cancellations, sorry but our time is just as valuable,as yours.

We do not tolerate any kind of substance abuse with our Courtesans or Members, sorry.Please ensure you are punctual for our Courtesans, we will do the same.

Privacy is very Important for us, please be discrete, and low key when on a date with our Courtesans.

We at Regency Courtesan, reserve the right, not to make a booking, the screening procedures, do not meet up to our standards, or if a Member is causing

complications with our Courtesans, or staff.

Please note all your private information, is kept strictly confidential.